S01E20 – Shootin’ Shit with Asterios Kokkinos

We’ve got Asterios Kokkinos on this episode just hanging out, shooting the shit. We’re messing with formula right now a little bit because we can and embracing the chaos a little with our guests. Listen in for some fun with Friends, insights on youtube comments sections, and Pound’s personal take on the word “cringe.” In … Continue reading S01E20 – Shootin’ Shit with Asterios Kokkinos


Due to unforeseen technical difficulties arising over the past couple of weeks I have to announce that Man Talk Around the Watering Hole will not put up a new episode this week. We will, however, be back on our regular schedule next week. Stay tuned, fellas!

S01E19 – What I Don’t Get…

Pound just has to face the music. Even though he is clearly the wisest man that ever walked the face of the Earth, there is a lot he doesn’t get: man colds, women who say chivalry is dead, sports, why’s coffee so damn complicated to clean up?, the law of threes, Hollywood, time travel, doctors … Continue reading S01E19 – What I Don’t Get…

S01E18 – The Big C

We’re not talking about cancer. We’re not talking about chowder. But we’ve got complaints against people out there who can’t understand normal thinking. Listen in to find out exactly what we’re talking about! Apologies in advance to transsexuals. Featuring: The subjectification of truth. Also, Oprah. We put just a little bit more Oprah on our … Continue reading S01E18 – The Big C

S01E17 – The Game/The Ten ComMANdments

Pound gets back from Mount Sinai to find all of his followers have been worshiping golden cows and shit. Luckily he has the perfect antidote in the form of Ten ComMANdments he received from god while he was up there. Check the “ComMANdments/AMENdments” tab for a quick list if you don’t have time to receive … Continue reading S01E17 – The Game/The Ten ComMANdments

S01E16 – Interview: Marni, Wing Girl

Hello everybody! Today we’re switching things up a bit. We’ve got a special guest on the show, the lovely and wise Marni, The World’s #1 Wing Girl. We’re talking a little bit about what it means to be a wing girl, a little about Canada and the United States, and more. She’s going to tell … Continue reading S01E16 – Interview: Marni, Wing Girl

S01E15 – Being A Pussy

Pound and Chuck had some technical difficulties getting the Patriarchy up and running this episode so they enlisted the services of Kevin (Asterios Kokkinos) from tech support to help them out. Pound still has time after the kerfuffle to smack talk 50 Cent. He then relates a horrid date that he went on recently. And … Continue reading S01E15 – Being A Pussy

S01E14 – Sexual Harassment

Guys, Pound ver Magnuson has really stuck it in his mouth now. This is inexcusable, it’s offensive, insensitive, and in very bad taste. He just makes a bunch of cheap shots at women who are too much onto the #MeToo movement and discrediting the whole thing with their attempts at fame and easy cash. I … Continue reading S01E14 – Sexual Harassment

S01E12 – Random Ruminations

Pound discusses the origins of Man Talk Around the Watering Hole. Advice for black people regarding cops. Man Cave vs. Man Caving-In. How to properly train and housebreak your girlfriend so that she’s acceptable for in-home living. Bathroom Politics: Why the toilet seat stays where I god damn left it! Fun Fact: Men have never … Continue reading S01E12 – Random Ruminations