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S01E09 – How To Be A Gentleman

Are you a little boy or are you a gentleman? If you’re a little boy, not to worry, the douchebags have all the facets of being a gentleman nailed down like Playboy’s latest centerfold. We go into the movie Kingsman featuring Americans the Statesmen for what was supposed to be a look at southern manners … Continue reading S01E09 – How To Be A Gentleman

S01E08 – Bros and Bromance

In this episode the douchebags discuss the bromances that have stood the test of time. I’m talking your Romeo and Juliets, your The Notebooks, your Paris and Helens. Except replace all the women with dudes. Sorry ladies, but you would never understand. This is really important shit. Listen as Pound ver Magnuson guides you through … Continue reading S01E08 – Bros and Bromance

S01E07 – Cock Blocking

Another episode! Another fucking episode! The douchebags talk cock blocking by the likes of various people including CupcaKKe, Bruce Jenner, the Kardashians, Michael Hutchence, why it’s okay in an SJW’s mind to be transexual but not transracial, being cool, why women really have no idea what they want, and even a personal story involving Pound … Continue reading S01E07 – Cock Blocking

S01E04 – The Thanksgiving Turkey Day Special

Well, we’ve made it through Thanksgiving. Is everybody intact? This year, we’ve got something extra special. Pound ver Magnuson fucked cooked a turkey and you know, it being a bigger bird than chicken, this episode contains an additional 24 minutes of turkey FREE! That’s right, free. The douchebags name some turkeys, talk a little about … Continue reading S01E04 – The Thanksgiving Turkey Day Special

S01E03 – The Trumpisode

Having read The Art Of The Deal, the douchebags know that Donald Drumpf can’t resist a good deal. That’s why they’ve cooked up a very special deal that they know should have DT salivating like he’s sitting in front of a Drumpf steak, or a nice taco salad for that matter. We love Hispanics, too, … Continue reading S01E03 – The Trumpisode