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Watering Hole Productions Presents:

Man Talk Around the Watering Hole


Pound ver Magnuson

Chuck Thomas

Written and Directed by

Pound ver Magnuson

Produced by

Chuck Thomas

Created by

Pound ver Magnuson

Executive Producer
(Shall remain anonymous)
Receptionist Broad

Pound ver Magnuson is a committed student of Tom Leykis and gets Monday-to-Friday, or MTF, poon on the reg. He is the son of Pound ver Magnusdad and Mrs. Pound ver Magnusdad, the younger brother of Gram ver Magnuson, and older brother of Ounce ver Magnusdottir. He received a hell of a lot of beatings as a boy but “not enough” according to Magnusdad and has “a lot more coming to him yet.” He refuses to smoke.

Chuck Thomas was raised amongst wooly mammoths in the northern part of Alaska. However, one year he migrated too far south and ended up in Washington State where he got connected with Pound out of mutual admiration. He was actually born near a nuclear power plant and the resulting exposure to gamma radiation causes him to “hulk out” as well as black out from time to time. His pants stay on during the hulk out. However, they also tend to turn purple. If you hear the words, “You won’t like me when I’m angry,” you’d best run.

The Executive Producer is a little bitch who constantly meddles with the show and tries to steer it in a direction he thinks is more acceptable. He’s the money, every penny of it.

Gabby is a receptionist broad but sometimes she can be a broad receptionist.