Notice Board/Shitlist

Drafted by the much distinguished, highly inebriated, southern gentleman and current practicing lawyer in the great state of Viginny, Colonel (veteran of the war of Northern Aggression against States’ Rights) Coal-pepper Beaureguardent, suspected lost descendant of the noble Philippe, twin brother, and unrecognized successor the corrupt and insane Louis XIV and known descendant of  the unequivocally great “Stonewall” Jackson.

Notice Board

Concerning persons, places, or things that your hosts, Pound and Chuck, have noticed and expressly disapprove of.

The State of Alabama

for not electing Roy Moore

Women who say they don’t like AC/DC

“I’m sorry, I must’ve had something extremely stupid in my ear when you said that. Did you just say, ‘I don’t like AC/DC’? Get out! I know it’s the middle of the freeway. You’re walking!”

Muff Daddy

Goes through half a dozen name changes. Doesn’t have enough talent to fulfill one of them. I was calling him Puff Dildo in the 90’s.


Concerning persons, places, or things, that have surpassed their notice and are now dead to hosts, Plaintiffs Pound ver Magnuson, esq. and Chuckles Thomas III. Court and legal papers to be served.


because it’s one thing to get upstaged by Beyonce but getting upstaged by Bruno Mars at the same time is pussying out hard. Plus they really are the worst band ever.

Cunt-ry Music

not necessarily to be confused with country music, the most recent incarnation incorporates “pleasant” sounds, vocal burn-into-notes (think Britney Spears except men do it, and it’s worse than you can imagine), corny exaggerated accents, banal and trite imagery and subject matter, and more!

Col. Beaureguardent moves to disregardent the opinion of the Com-Plaintiff on this matter, as recognition of the above would necessitate a deep fried Southern-style ass-whoopin’!