S01E02 – The Leykisode

UPDATE – 15 November 2017 – Apologies for the dropped audio some 2-3 minutes into the episode. Using Audacity for our recording is a pick-up-and-go operation and I obviously just learned right now not to let any of the tracks we record stay muted if we intend to use them. The problem should be fixed by 2 PM PST if not sooner.

The douchebags are teaching YOU how to get laid. That’s right, what you once thought was impossible is now possible. Why would we do a show like this if we didn’t at least impart some of our womanly wisdom on you and teach you in the ways of the player, player. Tom Leykis covered what he was doing pretty well and we encourage you to look at his episodes on youtube but we’re just adding to his teachings, telling you even more about the mysterious ways of the poon. Grab your corvossier and join us, why don’t you? After you’ve listened to this episode you’ll go from small mac to mac daddy.

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