S01E03 – The Trumpisode

Having read The Art Of The Deal, the douchebags know that Donald Drumpf can’t resist a good deal. That’s why they’ve cooked up a very special deal that they know should have DT salivating like he’s sitting in front of a Drumpf steak, or a nice taco salad for that matter. We love Hispanics, too, Donald! Also stay tuned at the end of the episode as we’ve undertaken advertising to help pay bills around the studio. We don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say a certain wizard has opened up a certain type of shop right here in downtown Seattle.

And outside of the episode, we need to make a shout-out to Malcolm Young, who died over the weekend. The ace rhythm guitarist was the brains behind the group telling younger brother Angus “we need to just be a straight ahead rock band.” And that’s what they were and that’s what worked. We would like to make the group the official band of Man Talk Around the Watering Hole, but we’re not exactly sure how to pull the strings for that. Anyways, to quote one of AC/DC’s best songs, have a drink on me, Malcolm.

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