S01E06 – Male Superpowers

We here at Man Talk believe that being a male is a superpower, but did you know that men have other superpowers in tow, too? This is by no means a comprehensive list, but a man should never so much as leave the house without note of the many powers at his disposal. We’re not just talking about jar opening and spider crushing, either. I’m talking our not-giving-a-shititudes, one of the most important super powers a man can ever have, and our utter pwnage in the confidence gap. Fellas, confidence is as good of a trait to have in a man as modesty is to have in a woman. Men have a lot to be confident about and by the same token women have a lot to be modest about.


Also featured in this episode is free advice coming direct from the douchebags that will strengthen your superpowers and allow you to kick the amount of ass that needs to be kicked that day.

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