S01E17 – The Game/The Ten ComMANdments

Pound gets back from Mount Sinai to find all of his followers have been worshiping golden cows and shit. Luckily he has the perfect antidote in the form of Ten ComMANdments he received from god while he was up there. Check the “ComMANdments/AMENdments” tab for a quick list if you don’t have time to receive the full revelation in this podcast. The AMENdments are user submitted rules that get voted up or down and pending unanimous approval by panel pass into law. Pound also lets you in on exactly what you’re trying to do in this here game of life (hint: it’s try to get laid as much as possible). Also, we’ve got fresh business pointers for your Wall Street playing hide. You’ll be trading tips with Gene Simmons of Kiss in no time.

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