Welcome to Man Talk Around the Watering Hole…

No sleeping on the bar, fights last for as long as they need to, and oh yeah NO WOMEN! For those new to this, Man Talk Around the Watering Hole is the be-all end-all podcast that describes both what it’s like to be a man and how to properly be a man. If you don’t like men, now’s your chance to turn back. We’re a half hour weekly podcast that goes live every Tuesday (so you can be properly distracted from work) and our goal is that by the end of the podcast we will have turned over every aspect there is to being a man under the sun. Your sages, Pound ver Magnuson and Chuck Thomas, will guide you towards an awesome life where all your dreams will come true. So sit back, relax, crack a 40, and let the cunning linguists do their job!

The first episode of the show is going up next Tuesday, 7 November 2017, with subsequent episodes to follow. We’re in the first season of the show so far and it’s entitled “Philosophy.”

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